Mar 21

The podcast where I host! Also, other teasers…

So, yeah, check this out….   Jane and I decided to do a podcast where I interviewed her, instead of her doing the hosting. It’s here.

We talked about what prompted the podcast, what’s coming up, and what’s keeping both of us excited about it.  Also, after the first two, it’s nice and short, at only 33 minutes.

Also coming up for this shindig, I have plans to document a bunch of the things I’ve been up to lately, including some of the fun things I did for CyberGlitz, which you can find a gallery from here: https://www.shapewerks.com/zenphoto/cyberglitz/

Not only did I act as an “official” photographer for that party, I designed a costume involving UV LED’s, and invisible ink.  You can see some of my amazing artist friend Mar’s work in this pic:

Additionally, I’ve been sprouting a bunch of tomatoes and peppers to try for a better front-porch garden this year, and I’ll be posting some pictures of that setup soon.

Sorry for being a wee bit scattered, but, I’ve been sleeping like crap since the time change.  Stupid time change.


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