Feb 03

Some results of the snow day….

Looking at my list from this morning, amazingly, I’ve actually pulled off everything on it.

First, I got the cinder blocks and new table in place:

Here’s my cat Lidia, checking out the new place to hang out and shed winter fur:

Apparently, she approves:

Although, she’s not all that big a fan of being photographed:

I immediately put the table to use on the next thing on the list, glowiness:

The globe is a clear light globe that I accidentally ordered completely wrongly from Amazon, but didn’t think was worth the effort of returning.  I’ve spraypainted the inside with Krylon “GLOWZ” paint, but felt it wasn’t enough.  Now I’m working on adding colors and interest with dry glow-in-the-dark pigment mixed into Mod Podge.  The little guy next to it is a Rose Art “Color Blank” thing that I’m also painting, pretty much randomly, with glow-in-the-dark junk.  The picture above shows them with the light inside turned on.

Here are a couple shots of how they look after some charging with that light:

In the background you can see an accidental, yet entertaining side effect of mixing pigment and Mod Podge.  The little mixing cups I used have become little glowy critters of their own….  We’ll see what I use those for.

Between those tangents, I did, in fact, restart Twin Peaks, as well as cooking and ultimately combining all the ingredients for my fried rice.  Pretty tasty, in fact.

Best of all, though?  I’ve now diverted you for what is probably a slightly disturbingly long time with some pictures of my cat, and what are basically giant rave toys.


  1. Mar

    but but…I like cats and glowy things

  2. Just Jane

    Welcome to blogging…a random excuse to post adorable pictures of your cat.

  3. Bunn

    Yay! Cats and projects…

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