Snow day!

Snowy Porch

My snowy porch at 6 a.m.

Yep.  I got a big ol’ snow day from work today.  I tried to feel guilty about enjoying it, but that lasted about half a second.

Here’s just a partial list of what I plan to do with my bonus time:

  • Set up another table for my workspace in my basement, which I hope to dedicate for soldering, and other crafty projects.  I had to buy cinder blocks, because I a) want to put this table over filing cabinets, and 2) want it a little bit higher than “average desk height” anyway.
  • Cook my mom’s (actually Betty Crocker’s, I think)  fried rice, which I remember fondly from childhood.  I ran into it recently, while picking up the aforementioned table in fact.  While I was there, the fixin’s for this fried rice was all laid out, and, luckily I’ve learned enough about cooking, and memory, that this should be all I need to make a pretty pleasant version of it.
  • Make some things in my home that glow in the dark, umm, glow in the dark more.  This will probably involve both LED’s, and glow in the dark pigment.  I hope Mod Podge sticks to acrylic okay…
  • Start “Twin Peaks” again.  It’s time.

4 responses to “Snow day!

  1. Ooooo! Maybe I’ll start Twin Peaks again today too! w00t! SNOW DAY!

  2. We talked at the Stitch & Bitch about starting up a Twin Peaks night again, probably in March , i.e. when the alley behind the house melts entirely.

    Are you in if we do it on the right night and early enough in the evening? Pilot, two episodes a week, finale. Takes weeks, but as you know, TOTALLY worth it.

    • Yes! Even if I’ve started, or made serious progress, I can see NO disadvantage to hanging out at your home with people watching Twin Peaks….

  3. Sorry, I couldn’t get past episode 2 of that series… Maybe I didn’t have the right viewing buddies.

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