Feb 06

Pics! It totally happened!

Since I got harassed yesterday for pics from my “Good Day”, all y’all get to suffer a picture post!  It’s actually going to include some older pictures that people had been curious about, but, they sorta tie in.

It's a robe.  It's black.  It fits.

It's a black robe, come on, what more do you really need?

This is what the component parts of a Sparkfun protoshield look like, organized neatly.


Some snow results


One of the organization toys, with labels!

The tape deck!

This is how my second Arduino is currently configured. It's a very bizarre little "synthesizer".

This is how my first Arduino is set up now. This also shows my relatively spiffy "plexiglass" mounting for it.

Psion Organiser II! Model CM Very bizarre. 2 bucks.

I’d say that should hold you for a little while.  Zoom in!  See all the glorious colors!

Thank you, and good night.


  1. Bunny

    Ok, one or two would have been fine… Heh. I envy your access to a Container Store

  2. Just Jane

    <3 your nerd face.

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