Feb 04

Organizing day!

Now that I have my table in place, I need some organizing options!  To the home of cheap Chinese imports!  Yaay!  Here are some of the things I’m thinking I need for full enjoyment:

While I’m there, I’m thinking I might buy one of these:

Not so much because I want a solar-charged LED motion-activated security light, but, I DO want the components of one, for other stuff….  Heh.

As a side note, the Harbor Freight in my area is right next to a pretty kickin’ thrift store, where I will wander for the various strangeness on my “second-hand” list.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • Interesting silverware (hush)
  • A tape deck, or tape decks, for a lovable whack-job hipster friend of mine who likes to make mix tapes.  Yes.  On tape.  Ferric oxide glued to plastic.  Well, it takes all kinds.
  • A comfortable terrycloth bathrobe that fits me right.
  • Small amusing vinyl toys and tchotchkes, gewgaws, and knick-knacks.  Heh.  This line is mostly to use that fun group of words.

I hope snowpocalypse lets me through!

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