Feb 14

Denhac VD Show-n-Tell

As some of you may already know, I am a founding member of Denver’s Hackerspace, Denhac.  It can be found at www.denhac.org, if you are curious to learn more.  While there, you may note on the schedule that we have a “Show and Tell” night tonight, http://denhac.org/2012/02/12/valentines-show-tell/.

I, myself, am a little bit (well, maybe a lot) against “holidays” that artificially, to my mind, create some sense of obligation.  Valentine’s Day is among the worst of these offenders for me.  I believe it creates an extreme sense that there is some obligation to prove one’s love to another, as well as creating an extreme sense, usually, of wildly unreasonable expectation and angst.

In short, I believe that if two people are truly in love, you don’t need a special day for it.  And, if two people aren’t truly in love, this day creates a terrible stress that can break what might otherwise still be a pretty good relationship.

Also, it’s my Mom’s Birthday, another thing I’m not terribly good at.  Regardless, Happy Birthday, Mom.

Really, though, all of that ranting aside, I think using Valentine’s Day as a day to show off geeky projects, and hang out with your friends at your local Hackerspace is a pretty good choice.  It’s where I’ll be, showing off some of the stuff I’m playing with, and working on in a sense that is at least slightly more than playing.

It’s open to the public, I suggest you come on down. 

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  1. Just Jane

    Since I can’t be there, you should totally take pictures and post them. Happy Show and Tell Day!

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