Feb 05

A good day…

I had great results yesterday, with my relatively brief shopping excursion into the snowy streets, although, admittedly, not everything I wanted was in stock at Harbor Freight, and one item turned out to be significantly less impressive in person.

Regardless, I now have a great little container to store all the various tiny bits of electronics I’ve picked up as I start to play with the world of the Arduino, and it even has space to store both of my current Arduino setups.

Even better, I finally found a bathrobe that is pretty much perfect, for 7 bucks at the nearby thrift store.  When the hell did 100% cotton bathrobes start to cost more than $50?

Even more delightful, I did, in fact, find an extremely kickin’ dual tape deck, marked $14.99.  To sweeten that deal even further, it was half price!  I’ve now tested and cleaned it, and it seems to be in as good a shape as it ever could have been.

Finally, the best part?  I didn’t have to use my AK.

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