Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 26

New Sharp Pointy Objects!

Once again, the podcast I work with has posted an amazing story.  It’s a two-parter with our friend Betsy.  I don’t really have the words.  Go read, and listen, here: Episode 5 – Part 1: Betsy -Taking the Girl Out of Wyoming Episode 5 – Part 2: Betsy – Taking the Shrapnel Out of Girl

Apr 07

Something’s growing in my basement….

Coming down the stairs, a strange glow emerges from the utility room.

One remnant of my marriage, I’ve discovered, is a certain fondness for having lots of green things growing on my porch.  Additionally, with some of the hot sauces I’ve played with in terms of homemakery, I think, would be increased, both in terms of pride and flavor, with freshly grown peppers. That being said, a …

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