Feb 02

Stuck in my head….

Okay, previously on blogs, I’ve done some posts on songs that were stuck in my head when I woke up, and I’ll probably continue to do some of that, although, I suspect, it’ll become a bit more “review-y”, in keeping with some of my goals here.

That in mind, this, I’m a little ashamed to admit (I’ll get to why in a minute) was stuck in my head this morning:

Here’s why I’m a little ashamed.

I’ve avoided Die Antwoord for a long time.  First off, they struck me as some version of “hipster”.  That may be just because I saw them first on BoingBoing.  Make your own judgments there….

Second, though, is that I’ve had some sense that they were, to some degree, making fun of their audience.  This is a trait I don’t much like, and it’s a feeling I sort of get, or got, from bands like Marilyn Manson, and Gwar.

However, the more I read, and listen to their latest album (Ten$ion), I start to suspect that they’re largely making fun of themselves, and, to some degree, their genre.  That, I have a good bit more respect for.

Also, I’m discovering a lot of respect for music in this vein that really seems to have a certain power to genuinely make people move, if only to tap on something.  This plays heavily into what I think of the power of a DJ, which is another post I’m churning on in my head, so, look for it….

We’ll see how they settle in the brain.


  1. Leauxra

    Gee. Now it’s stuck in my head, and I’d imagine it will be there until I buy the album and listen ad nauseum. Thanks.

  2. Shari

    Thanks, I hadn’t heard that one yet. I like Die Antwoord quite a bit. I always kind of felt like they were asking their audience to conspire with them to laugh at themselves and each other. And that is a goal I can totally get behind. 🙂

  3. Diva

    Thanks for saying this out loud. Something has always felt a bit…..off about Die Antwoord. It’s not the visuals, because I adore their dark artistic twists, but I can’t put my finger on why it’s slightly embarrassing to say I like them, too.

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