Feb 07

100% Pure Filler!

Okay, after a bit of a long and painful day, I haven’t got much to say here….

I did want to do a bit of a tease, though, about some thoughts rolling around in the back of my head that you can look forward to in days to come:

  • Why I’m back at it!
  • Some thoughts on DJ’ing that have occurred to me
  • Hackerspaces, Locksport, and other various subjects that are confusing to the general public, and possibly even sound dangerous, but are still important to me, and why I think they should be important to you
  • More art, and DIY thoughts, undoubtedly
  • A wildly belated “2011 Wrapup”
  • My thoughts on whether “Instagram” and other methods for making digital photographs look “vintage” are cheating, probably combined with pimping places you can actually buy some of my photographs, causing me, personally, some minor profit
  • One hopes, new pens
  • More silly songs
  • And, undoubtedly, more pictures of my cat because, as far as I can tell, cats are pretty popular on the Internet.

Here’s one to tide you over:


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  1. Pj

    that is one super cute kitteh!

  2. Diva

    *forehead smack*

    [redacted something-or-other about cats on the Interwebz]

    *incoherent grumbling*

  3. Shari

    aw. I like the little brown spots under her whiskers. <3

  4. Just Jane

    Topic suggestion request: podcast recording equipment and subsequent recording. 😛

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